'The Walking Dead' wants to brand your apocalypse survival

'The Walking Dead' wants to brand your apocalypse survival
This zombie from "The Walking Dead" probably could have used a survival kit when he was alive. (AMC)

The second half of "The Walking Dead's" fourth season is set to begin Feb. 9, barring any unexpected societal collapse. But AMC and "The Walking Dead" are teaming up with emergency preparedness company My Family First to put out "Walking Dead"-branded survival kits.

Now you won't even have zombies at your door or nuclear mutants in your basement as an excuse not to watch the show. No matter what happens, those precious "Walking Dead" fans will survive!

So what do you get in the $130 kits, which are available now for pre-order? Enough supplies to "assist two people to survive for 72 hours." That includes emergency food rations and water, first aid kit, LED flashlight, two mylar space blankets, two ponchos, leather-palm work gloves, waterproof match booklet and four procedural face masks (in case you need to amputate something).

Not included is the courage to amputate or execute loved ones in cases of zombie infection or aforementioned nuclear mutation.

In a statement, Angie Torres, co-founder and chief operating officer of My Family First, said, "We designed this kit to help two people stay alive for three days with not much else."

Considering the second half of "The Walking Dead" season will take place over eight weeks, it's best to hope that any major disasters wait for the final week, so survivors can power through the season in one marathon sitting.