New documentary looks at the 1996 crash of TWA Flight 800

New documentary looks at the 1996 crash of TWA Flight 800
The wreckage of TWA Flight 800 re-created in a hangar in New York. The documentary "TWA Flight 800" premieres tonight on EPIX. (Ed Betz / Associated Press)

A new documentary reexamines the causes behind the 1996 crash of TWA Flight 800 that claimed 230 lives after exploding over Long Island.

"TWA Flight 800," which premieres tonight at 8 p.m. PDT on EPIX, maintains a missile (or missiles) brought down the jetliner -- not a spark in a fuel tank as an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board originally concluded. 

Dr. Tom Stalcup, a physicist and one of the film's co-producers, is a leading voice in the film. He has studied the crash for more than a decade and contends in the documentary that the NTSB investigation has many inconsistencies.

In addition, the filmmakers interviewed NTSB investigators, witnesses, and families of those in the crash. Some witnesses claim they saw a missile headed toward the plane before it blew up.

"It's not amusing to be a documentary filmmaker doing a super controversial story, but it feels good to do the right thing," said Kristina Borjessen, who wrote and directed the film with a budget of about $500,000. "It was very, very difficult, but it was amazing."

Federal officials are still weighing whether to reopen the case.


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