Which Super Bowl ad was your favorite?

Which Super Bowl ad was your favorite?
Liam Neeson appears in the ad for "Clash of Clans." (YouTube)

The New England Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks and Katy Perry danced with Missy Elliott and a bunch of sharks. But that was Sunday and this is Monday. And now, despite all the excitement of the big game, you're no caught up in reliving the commercial moments.

This year's ads had everything -- celebrity cameos, classic pop culture icons, cuddly animals and even a very noteworthy dead kid. (You don't get one of those every Super Bowl.)

Though they're designed for a mass audience, it's impossible for all the ads to please all of the people all of the time. In your subjective opinion, one ad is surely better than all the others. So rather than spend your Monday locked in heated debate with friends and family over which ad is indeed the best, make your voice heard the democratic way!

Below are five of the most notable, most discussed ads from Sunday night's game. Watch them (as though you haven't already) and vote below.

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