Will Ferrell drops by Stephen Colbert's post-Super Bowl 'Late Show', 'exotic animals' in tow

"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" earned CBS' coveted post-Super Bowl slot and though the series has struggled at times to find its voice during Colbert's first five months of hosting, it set a new high-water mark for the show with a hilarious segment with Will Ferrell

Ostensibly on the show to promote his upcoming film "Zoolander 2," Ferrell instead segues immediately into how the "Late Show" doesn't appear to have an animal expert yet and how he was more than willing to fill the gap.

It should be said that this all comes on the heels of Ferrell taking the stage dressed from head to toe in khaki, including shorts and knee socks, channeling Jack Hanna for all he's worth. 

Ferrell continues to sidestep Colbert's questions about "Zoolander" while his assistants bring him animals to introduce to the host and audience, including such rare and varied creatures as Mulan, the short-spined Peruvian mongoose, Kayak, the Mongolian bush tiger, Cilantro, the duck-bodied platypus, and Peyton Manning, the Upper Nile skull badger. Also, a chicken. 

To witness the suspiciously improvisational segment for yourself, check out the video below. 

"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" airs weeknights at 11:35 on CBS.

Will Ferrell can be seen in "Zoolander 2" released Friday, Feb. 12. 


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