Melissa McCarthy joins the ranks of celebrity fashion moguls

Melissa McCarthy brand to launch for fall 2015

Emmy-winning, Oscar-nominated actress Melissa McCarthy is the latest star to jump on the celebrity fashion brand bandwagon according to a report in fashion industry trade paper WWD, which reports McCarthy has inked a deal with Sunrise Brands to "create a fashion line, including accessories and beauty products for women." The as-yet unnamed label will launch with casual sportswear for fall 2015. [WWD, subscription required]

Would you pay $3.1 million for a lion-fur onesie? Someone did. Of course the outfit in question was a Cowardly Lion costume worn by Bert Lahr in the film "The Wizard of Oz," which went up for bid at a New York City auction Monday. By the time the gavel came down, someone had shelled out $3,077,000 for the iconic piece of movie memorabilia. [All the Rage]

Are you headed to Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 next month? We aren't, but we know there's a lot more worth checking out than just Andre 3000's custom jumpsuit collection. The folks over at -- who've dubbed the event "spring break for the creative set" -- have compiled a handy guide called "Art Attack: What to Do at This Year's Art Basel in Miami Beach." []

Did you know that dying your armpit hair is now a thing? Our colleague Jenn Harris takes a good hard look at the newly emerging art of accenting the axillary hair with shades of blue, green and red. [All the Rage]

In store-opening news, the made-in-Detroit bicycle, leather-goods and watch brand Shinola has opened its first West Coast standalone store in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. [All the Rage] 

In between eating your Thanksgiving Day feast and girding your loins for the Black Friday trip to the mall, take a moment and realize it could be much, much worse. To help you visualize just how pear-shaped things can go, New York magazine has spliced together a video of some of the most memorably over-the-top mall-based movie scenes. If nothing else it's probably the only time this holiday season you'll see mall cop Paul Blart and the Blues Brothers in the same place. [The Cut] 

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