Monica Lewinsky's black negligee, other items up for auction

Monica Lewinsky's black negligee, other items up for auction
Among the items up for auction through June 27 are pieces of apparel and handwritten notes Monica Lewinsky gave to paramour Andy Bleiler and his wife, Kate. (Nate D. Sanders Auctions)

Pieces of clothing once owned by Monica Lewinsky, including a black negligee, are among a lot of Lewinsky-gifted items recently put up for bid by Nate D. Sanders Auctions.

According to an announcement from the auction house, the lot consists of 32 items, "each of which was originally gifted by Monica to her former high school teacher, Andy Bleiler (with whom she had a five-year affair) and which became evidence in the Kenneth Starr investigation to impeach President Clinton. The items were from Kate Nason, formerly Mrs. Andy Bleiler."

In addition to handwritten notes, photos and cards, the lot includes several items of clothing apparently given by Lewinsky to the former Mrs. Bleiler from her own closet including a navy-blue velour hoodie from DKNY, and American Rag denim jacket, a yellow linen Ann Taylor jacket and a "sheer black floor-length negligee by City Culture.

Bidding for the lot is currently underway at the Nate D. Sanders website (and as of this writing has one $2,500 bid) and is scheduled to end at 5 p.m. PDT on Thursday.

And no, just in case you were wondering, there is no blue dress from the Gap.