National Puppy Day: Six must-haves for dog owners

When Chris Price first adopted his Chihuahua-mix Bailey, he wanted his dog to be the best dressed in town. But he wasn't able to find anything that fit the bill in Los Angeles: something fashionable and climate appropriate.

"I couldn't find anything warm to put on him that wasn't pink," Price said.


After scouring hundreds of websites, he stumbled on a camo jacket with faux fur trim, but he wanted more.

In 2006, he and his business partner Christian Velasco opened D.O.G. Pet Boutique in West Hollywood, catering to dog owners who want their pups to be the trendiest in the dog park. D.O.G., which stands for "Dogs of Glamour," counts celebrities including Carrie Underwood, John Legend and CeeLo Green as clients.

Today is National Puppy Day, and Price recommended six must-haves that can be purchased online or in-store for any fashion-forward canine:

1. Dog bed; cost: $125 and up

The first thing every glamour dog needs is a great bed, "with some personality and definitely comfort," he said. "It's got to be plush." For the most fabulous clients, he suggests either the "Furrari" (a plush Ferrari-shaped bed) or the Katie Puff, which is in the shape of a doughnut.

2. Airline-approved carrier; cost: $29.95 and up

Taking flights with small dogs is impossible if you don’t have an airline-approved carrier. Though low-cost carriers do exist, the ones available at D.O.G. are more fashionable and some look like actual purses (they begin at $189.95) with a removable bottom and inner leash. “You won’t find this vegan leather, quilted, Chanel-looking purse at Petco or PetSmart,” Price said.

3. Pepper and Tanky Perfume; cost: $3 travel size, $44 regular size

Every diva needs to smell good, but perfume for humans contains too much alcohol, and could adversely affect animal senses. Pepper and Tanky perfume is pet safe. Made in France, it comes in four scents: Big Dawg, Puppy Love, Peaches and Cream and Vanilla Woof.

4. Step-in harness; cost: $24.95 and up

"You take your dog walking all the time," Price said. "It might as well be functional and fashionable." As opposed to the collar-leash combo, which has a tendency to pull on the animal's trachea, he said, harnesses evenly distribute the pulling force throughout the dog's body. D.O.G.'s harnesses come in a variety of patterns, one with an attached bow tie. They also have a front D-ring, which helps train a pup not to pull away from the owner.

5. Clothing and accessories; cost: $17.95 and up

No one likes to itch from polyester, and neither do dogs. Cotton should be the fabric of choice for any dog apparel, Price said. At D.O.G., owners can buy everything from tuxedos to hoodies, pajamas to bikinis and board shorts. The designs are just as varied featuring animal spins on famous brands including Sniffany and Co., Chewy Vuiton, Coco Chewnel and Coco CHIENnel.

6. Collars; cost: $15.95 and up

For a modern flair, owners can adorn their pup's neck with Italian leather, which will get softer over time. Collars can be customized in-store with a choice of crystals, stones and studs.

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