N.Y. Fashion Week: Todd Snyder mines the Mods for fall

NEW YORK -- Todd Snyder presented his technically ambitious, ultra-luxe Mod Gents menswear collection in the Lincoln Center tents Thursday night during New York Fashion Week. 

The inspiration: "I was first inspired by some old photos of Mick Jagger from I'd seen on Pinterest and I thought; 'God, he looks so ... cool at that time!' I started doing some research and that led me to [the Who's] 'Quadrophenia.' I've always liked mixing the rebellious with the 'gentsy' and this is a mid-'60s continuation of that; a little bit of Mod sensibility mixed in with the gents."

The look: Grounded in a color palette of black ("There's more black in this collection then I've ever done," Snyder said) and gray, the collection's accent colors included deep blue, white, olive green and a dusky eggplant purple, the Mod influence was hard to miss.

What was less obvious was Snyder's subtle but enthusiastic embrace of technical fabrics and processes. Examples include a micro-perforated leather jacket bomber jacket and a Glen plaid topcoat that bonds an inner layer of technical fabric to an outer layer of traditional fabric creating a stealth waterproof garment.

Snyder was also firmly on-board with one of the trends we've seen through the men's collections this season -- a kind of athletic luxe epitomized by the high-end sweatpant/lounge pant silhouette. His fall offerings include a gray wool double-knit athletic pant with a black tuxedo sidestripe that he paired with a black jacquard dinner jacket. (If you ask us, this sounds like the perfect formalwear option for the ESPY Awards gala.)

Of note: Our favorite piece (which, in all honesty we would have missed altogether if we hadn't seen it up close before the presentation) was a light-colored shearling barracks jacket that had been printed on the buttery soft exterior with a houndstooth check -- an old-school pattern served up in a high-tech way.

The verdict: Sometimes ramping up technical fabrications can cast a shadow over the style side of things. Snyder's fall and winter collection proves men don't have to choose between being bone dry and fashion forward.