How many Swarovski crystals does it take to put on the Oscars?

At Sunday's Oscars ceremony, it wasn't only the flesh-and-blood stars who were shining.

The set on the stage at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood was sparkling too, thanks to Swarovski Crystal.

It marked the seventh year that Swarovski has been involved in turning the theater for the Academy Awards presentation into a wonderland. Production designer Derek McLane used the crystals in 25 set pieces that took more than 22,000 hours to create, Swarovski estimates.

About 64,000 crystals were used to create six swag drapes; 79,128 beads and octagons made up the 80-foot-wide crystal curtain onstage; and 23,592 crystals were used to decorate 18 opera boxes.

In all, more than 166,000 crystals were used.

Of course, that doesn't count all the dresses and jewelry bedazzled with Swarovski for the evening. That's probably uncountable.


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