Coachella tickets? $399. This festival-appropriate T-shirt? $540

Coachella tickets? $399. This festival-appropriate T-shirt? $540
A cashmere T-shirt bearing the word Indio ($545), left, and a close-up of the collar detail showing the combined logos of the Elder Statesman and the Webster, right. (The Elder Statesman)

Until the recent spate of cooler weather, the idea of wearing a super-soft cashmere T-shirt into the Sonoran Desert would have been a nonstarter. But, as of right now, a collaborative capsule from the Elder Statesman and the Webster boutique in Miami sort of makes sense to us.

L.A.-based cashmere wunderkind Greg Chait and the Webster folks have teamed up to offer a handful of cashmere/silk blend T-shirts bearing the names of locales that will be familiar to festivalgoers (printed in a fuzzy, soft-focus font to boot), including Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, Indio and Rancho Mirage.

You might say the T-shirts are worth the price of admission -- and then some -- since they're priced at $540 apiece and a general admission pass to this year's festival clocks in at just $399.

If you're headed to the desert from here in L.A., you can swing by and pick one up at the Elder Statesman boutique in West Hollywood starting today. For those who find themselves a bit further afield, the tees are being stocked at the Webster boutique in Miami Beach, Fla., as well as being offered through both brand's e-commerce sites.

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