Not heavy, just metallic

Not heavy, just metallic
American Apparel’s metallic pants - in gold, silver and copper - are a hit with women who like the look of super-stretch nylon. (American Apparel)
FORGET black leggings: Thighs are a-shining in the liquid metal leggings grabbing the spotlight on the runways and the streets.

The trend may have its roots in spring's futurist moment. Remember those plate metal leggings on the Balenciaga runway that looked as if they could have been borrowed from C-3PO, except that they are made to order and $100,000 a pop? But metallic leggings are also undeniably retro — one part 1970s "Solid Gold," another part 1980s David Lee Roth. At the very least, they are yet another way of incorporating all-important metallic shades into your wardrobe.

American Apparel instantly became the go-to resource for the nightclubbing gals who've been spotted around town shimmying in shimmering super-stretch nylon. The L.A.-based retail chain sells lamé leggings in gold, silver and copper, for the price of three lychee martinis (that's $36 for you couch potatoes). Diesel, Douglas Hannant and Matthew Williamson offer versions too, as do Bebe and Urban Outfitters.

Pulling off the look can be tricky. The key is to offset the heavy metal effect with softer pieces. But never throw on a rocker T-shirt or motorcycle jacket with leggings — metallic or otherwise — unless you've got a hot Trans Am waiting for you in the driveway and a VIP table at the Key Club for Metal Skool Mondays.