Letters: Old Ann Taylor will be missed

I read Booth Moore's story on Ann Taylor's "makeover" ["From Staid to Stylish" Aug. 15] and nearly choked on my coffee.

The "Ann Taylor of yore — just a step up from Casual Corner…"? Clearly, Moore never shopped there.

As a PR professional who once purchased 99% of her wardrobe from the old Ann Taylor, I used to equate AT with classic clothes, stunning collections and timeless elegance. It was my go-to store for well-cut suits, beautiful party dresses and flattering weekend attire. I loved the attention to tailoring, vivid colors and sumptuous fabrics.

Contrast that with today's cheap fabrics, drab color palettes and poorly fitting garments. The photo of creative director Lisa Axelson in her boring beige jacket is a perfect example of how the brand has gone down the tubes. That's AT's new "youthful approach"?

Retailers, take note. A huge, untapped market of women is seeking a new place to buy tailored clothing. Now's the time to strike!

Elaine Schmidt Haber

Los Angeles


I have been a customer of Ann Taylor, and the last time I was there was happy to see that the proposed changes had not taken place or were barely apparent. Friends of mine have also mentioned their concern about the changes. We are in our 60s and 70s and some of us, particularly me, have less-than-perfect bodies. Where can we shop without looking ridiculous in short skirts and cheeky clothing? We are in an ever-expanding group age-wise, and yet it gets harder and harder to find clothing that is stylish, fits and is not ridiculously expensive.

Sondra Seeright

San Diego

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