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Retailers weigh in on hot teen fashion trends

We asked PacSun Chief Executive Gary Schoenfeld and Hot Topic Vice President Cindy Levitt what's hot for back-to-school this season. Clearly, denim is still the top-of-the-closet favorite.

Hot Topic

The look: Skinny jeans in black or red or deconstructed. Combat boots paired with a dress, tights, a hoodie and a little jacket. A backpack.

Emerging: Panel-leg skinny jeans. Vests. Studs, spikes and pins to DIY-embellish backpacks and vests. Classic rock, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath.

Biggest shift from last year: A bolder, darker and edgier silhouette, with a heavy DIY component.


The look: Skinny jeans, still. Lighter, brighter colors, especially mint. Fewer neons than in spring. Prints and patterns. Chino and twills for guys rather than denim.

Emerging: Early '90s-inspired denim vests and chambray shirts. Moto jackets for girls.

Biggest shift from last year: Less plaid, more ethnic-inspired prints.

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