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Quick! Paint it white

JUST when you're finally able to score a bottle of Chanel's Black Satin, white is the new black. The spring runways (think Behnaz Sarafpour and Phillip Lim) were alight with creamy opaque white nails.

Why white? Why now? It's retro-modern, elegant, goes well with a nice tan, and is the best thing to go with pearls since … well, pearls.

Cecily Carrington, Fred Segal Beauty nail specialist, is already painting it white: "Short nails painted opaque white are going to be the it trend this summer for both fingers and toes."

Brands that have the pale-nail trend all bottled up include, of course, Chanel, with its limited edition "Blanc Ceramic," Nars' "Edelweiss," "Fit for a Queensland" from OPI, Creative Nail Design's "Cream Puff" and, for the bargain hunter, Bic's Wite-Out will work in a pinch.

-- Lizzie Garrett

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