Buck Mason opens in Silver Lake with T-shirts, jeans, chinos and belts made to last

L.A.-based menswear brand Buck Mason, which already has a store in Venice, has set its sights on the east side of town for door No. 2.

Officially opening Saturday, the 700-square-foot retail outpost in Silver Lake is housed in what used to be the Banks skate shop. Buck Mason co-founder Sasha Koehn described it in an email as, "a building that's over 100 hundred years old. It's got a 20-foot, bow-truss ceiling and 80-year-old plaster on the walls, all of which was covered up when we got the keys."

Koehn and co-founder Erik Schnakenberg took the space down to the studs and exposed all of the original details, aiming for a stripped-back aesthetic that mirrored the 3-year-old brand's pared-down, functional, hard-wearing collection of T-shirts ($24 to $32), sweatshirts ($78), jeans ($135 to $175), and chinos ($135). (And we mean hard-wearing. These guys sell a $72 "30 Year Belt" designed to reliably keep your pants in place for three decades.)

"Since we manufacture everything within 15 miles of the Silver Lake store," Schnakenberg said via email, "we should be able to meet the neighborhood's demands pretty quickly."

Now that's the kind of fast fashion we can get behind.

Buck Mason Silver Lake, 3532 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles.


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