$4,900 wings for the Super Bowl? They're smothered in foie gras and caviar

New York City restaurant offers $4,900 wings for the Super Bowl with foie gras and caviar

If you're busy planning your Super Bowl XLIX spread, the Old Homestead Steakhouse in New York City wants you to consider ordering their chicken wings. The wings can be shipped to anywhere in the country. And they cost $4,900.

For the Super Bowl wings, a single order comes with a dozen wings made from organic oven-roasted chicken and Kobe beef. And don't expect hot sauce, blue cheese dressing and celery sticks.

Three wings come smothered in a $2,400-a-bottle Louis XII Cognac-infused cream sauce, white truffles and black truffle sticks with extra dipping sauce; three wings come covered in $1,600-per-ounce Royal Ossetra caviar; three come covered in $65-a-pound foie gras; and there's also a $400-a-pound imported Japanese Kobe filet mignon "wing," served on the bone, marinated in $1,100-a-bottle imported Japanese Tokubetsu Daiginjyou Kamutachi sake. 

“The ultimate wings for the ultimate game, and with advertisers paying $8 million for a 60-second commercial (last year’s rate), our $4,900 wings are a bargain — and a first-time culinary wing experience,” said Old Homestead Steakhouse owner Greg Sherry in a statement. 

Maybe the restaurant is starting to sound familiar. It's the same spot that offered a $35,000 Thanksgiving dinner package that came with a parade.

For every order, $490 will be donated to Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson's Why Not You foundation, which raises awareness and funds for domestic violence victims.

If you want to order the wings, they can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. The deadline to order is 8 a.m. Pacific on Friday. And if you can't quite afford the $4,900 price tag, the Old Homestead Steakhouse has other Super Bowl items available, including sliced rib-eye steak and aged cheddar over nachos, roadhouse sirloin chili on the bone and more. Items are priced from $54 to $92 and they all feed multiple people. 

I require extra blue cheese dressing with my wings. Follow me on Twitter @Jenn_Harris_

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