Save your bacon with Baconness Bonanza - The 'Ultimate Bacon Cookware'

Never worry about shrinking bacon again with the Baconness Bonanza

Does the thought of your bacon shrinking while it cooks keep you up at night? Does the ability to cook only a few slices of bacon at a time stress you out? Forget the ravages of disease, war and terror, helping pets in shelters and whether or not we should be immunizing our kids; at least someone's tackling the bacon problem.

Because the Baconness Bonanza is here. At least it will be if it makes its Kickstarter goal.

Baconness Bonanza is a bacon rack that can hold up to 30 slices of thick- or thinly-sliced bacon at once. Fit the slices in the racks, then cook away — using your oven, smoker, barbecue grill or deep fryer.

Oh, and you won't need to worry about flipping the slices over, as each side of each slice will cook evenly, and all at the same time. The fat drips down into the neat little pan at the bottom for easy collection. "Just bake it and forget it!" according to the press release. Imagine.

You'll be able to hold your head high, knowing that your bacon won't crinkle or shrink as it cooks. "Shrinkage looks very unappealing," says the Kickstarter statement. 

If you want to help the Baconness Bonanza make "history," check out its Kickstarter page here.

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