This beer cooler uses dirt, not ice, to chill your beer

New earth cooler uses dirt instead of ice to chill your beer

Ice-cold beer is essential to any summer party, but no one volunteers to pick up the ice, then to restock halfway through the party. eCool, a company in Denmark, is attempting to solve the party ice predicament with an ice-less cooler.

The eCool earth cooler is an underground cooler that uses dirt to chill your beer instead of ice. According to the website, you use a garden drill to create a hole in the ground. Or it says that if "you're a real man" you can dig one yourself.

Once you place the cooler in the ground, you use a lever to lower up to 24 cans of beer into the cooler. You use the same lever to lift the cans out of the cooler when you're ready to drink. 

"With the eCool you can always drink a cold beer with good conscience," reads the website. 

eCool says you can keep the cooler in the ground for up to a year before having to move it. It's priced at $349, and you can have it shipped to the U.S.   

You can't exactly bring the cooler with you to every party, but it does cut down on hosting duties when you decide to have a soiree at your own house. 

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