'Breakfast' is sexiest meal of the day in new Prince video

Breakfast can wait? But isn't breakfast supposed to be the most important meal of the day?

Maybe no one told Prince.

His new video debuted Friday, featuring, among other things, a yummy-looking breakfast that is tossed to the ground, a chipmunk-y voice, lots of tight black clothing, old-school dance moves and a woman in a drawn-on mustache channeling his purple highness.

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Sample lyrics: "Hot cakes smother in honey? HUH. I'm gonna have to pass... I'd rather have you in my bed... I know you're late but I need another taste, breakfast can wait." 

Prince is reportedly working on a new album, according to Rolling Stone, with the working title Plectrum Electrum. The video follows much fanfare after Prince -- gasp! -- Tweeted about it.

The song has only been posted online for a few hours, but so far the reaction from Prince fans seems positive. There are some complaints, however, about his absence. Sample: "Dancing is cool. Song is hot as well as dancers but I love to see Prince in videos."

What do you think about the video? 


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