Stop what you're doing and look at these dessert and cat backpacks

Ah, to be in school again. Who didn't love roaming the aisles at the local office supply store, looking for notebooks, pens, Wite-out and label makers? All exciting purchases, but every student's crowning glory is the backpack. 

Introducing Target's doughnut backpack, cupcake backpack and cookie lunch bag. Each of these items is labeled "generic" on the Target website. But there's nothing generic about a backpack covered in sprinkles. You know it. I know it. And Target knows it. 

The generic doughnut backpack ($19.99) is black and covered in pictures of doughnuts topped with rainbow sprinkles, powdered sugar and chocolate glaze. Sling this sugar-coated bag over your shoulder and you're sure to make friends by first period. 

The generic cookie backpack ($19.99) comes covered in chocolate chip and frosted sugar cookies. And at lunchtime, you could bust out this cookie lunch bag ($7.99), which looks like a giant cookie. 

Then there's the generic cupcake backpack ($19.99), which looks like a giant frosted pink cupcake with rainbow sprinkles. And when you turn around, each of the straps is covered in more sprinkles. 

And because most teenage girls love cats and cherry milkshake-looking beverages, there's a generic "cat with cherry" backpack. On the bag there's a cat with a pink, Hello Kitty-style bow, wearing pink heart sunglasses, sipping a cherry milkshake-looking drink, with whipped cream and a glitter cherry ($19.99).

I like to think I didn't peak in high school. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Jenn_Harris_




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