Avocados are in season. We have recipes

What’s in season: It may be hard to imagine avocados as having a season, what with international imports available year-round in supermarkets. But locally grown California avocados typically begin turning up in early spring and there are a variety of avocados available throughout a season that runs into the summer months. Of many varieties available, look for dark, pebbly textured Hass; smooth, green Fuertes; spotted, creamy Pinkertons; smooth, oval Bacons and mild-flavored mounds of shiny, yellow-green Zutano avocados.

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What to cook: Avocado toast might be the dish of the moment when you consider the fruit, but there’s so much more to be done with it. Other than adding avocado to salads and sandwiches, try blending the stuff into soup, sauce, even ice cream. And it would seem no party is complete without a bowl of guacamole.

What’s on the horizon: Bunches of leeks and dandelion greens are turning up, along with fava beans.


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