You can now order a $10 foie gras slider from a food truck

Foie gras and lobster slider from a food truck? Yes, Friday, and it's $20

Would you eat foie gras from a food truck?  Now that the California ban on foie gras has been lifted, the duck livers are everywhere, including in Rose Lawrence's pop tarts, and now, on the Fair Game food truck. 

The truck -- which is known for serving a variety of game, including wild boar sausage -- is making an appearance at Westchester First Fridays. And chef Jean-Paul Peluffo is bringing foie gras.

Peluffo is using foie gras from Rougie in Canada to make a foie gras slider with apple chutney, iceberg lettuce and microgreens on a brioche bun ($10). You can add lobster to the slider for another $10. 

When we asked the French chef why he decided to serve foie gras from his food truck, he had this to say: "Because we serve fair game. Whatever is game and meat, that is what we do." 

And there you have it. 

The truck will be serving sliders from 4 to 9 p.m. 

6200 block of West 87th Street, Los Angeles, (714) 880-8301,

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