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Does Macklemore somehow make you want to eat Cracker Jack'D?

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, the rapper-musician duo behind the hit "Thrift Shop," have teamed up with Cracker Jack'D for a series of ultra mundane videos. Because popping tags at thrift shops screams "I really want to eat some fancy Cracker Jacks!"

At least that's what PepsiCo, the company behind Cracker Jack, is hoping. The company released a series of videos on the Cracker Jack'D Facebook page, and they have absolutely nothing to do with actually eating anything. They also each start with really cheeseball '70s-style music and graphics. 

"The essence of Cracker Jack'D, in all of its nine flavor combinations, is it's a snack that fuels you -- and is a catalyst that helps you 'seize your day' no matter what life throws at you," Creative Director Keith Goldberg told Adage.com.

In one titled "How to Remove Lint," Macklemore shakes his jacket while Ryan Lewis uses a lint roller. In another, titled "How to Hold a Cat," Macklemore picks up a cat and holds it. If you happen to be the one person in the world who understands the connection between the videos and Cracker Jack'D, please explain it to us.

And if you're still wondering what Cracker Jack'D snacks even are, you're not alone. The snacks are a spin-off of the original Cracker Jack in flavors such as the Sweet 'n Savory clusters with salted caramel and almond clusters; Intense Mix with Buffalo ranch and spicy pizzeria; and Hearty Mix with cheddar BBQ, zesty queso, peanut butter and chocolate and berry yogurt. 


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