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MPK Night Market draws crowds for sticky rice burgers, Hong Kong waffles and more

MPK Night Market brought the sticky rice burgers, pork belly sliders and Hong Kong waffles for hungry locals
Yes, there were long lines at Monterey Park's first MPK Night Market, but the food was worth waiting for

Monterey Park celebrated its first free night market food event on Friday evening at Barnes Park. Asian food stands and food trucks specializing in dishes such as Japanese takoyaki pancakes and sticky rice burgers fed hungry locals into the night. Like past night markets, this proved to be hugely popular among families (dogs are okay to bring) and young people on summer vacation nearby, attracting thousands.

While parking was a bit complicated and some of the lines for food were so long that the wait was up to an hour long, the trade-off to savor the event's unique offerings only found at these type of events with your friends and loved ones on a beautiful summer night was worth it.

Click through to see some of those unique offerings.

For information about upcoming dates for the monthly event, go to www.mpknightmarket.com.

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