Nutella bacon melts, grilled cheese and tots on the Oh My Gaga truck

Nutella, bacon and bananas go together. I dare you to try a bite of the Bacon Explosion Melt on the Oh My Gaga food truck and refute this statement. In fact, I double dog dare you.

The sandwich is a mix of crispy strips of bacon, sliced bananas, Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread and honey on either grilled sourdough or wheat bread. The combination of salty, sweet and sticky between two slices of buttery, crisp bread will transport you out of your office building, beyond your non-existent lunch break, into a very, very, happy place.


Think Elvis Presley's favorite sandwich, but for Nutella lovers.

You'll most likely eat this sandwich after devouring a savory grilled cheese, also from the Oh My Gaga truck. And in case you're wondering, the Oh My Gaga name has nothing to do with the platinum-haired pop star. Although, if you eat a grilled cheese sandwich while listening to "Poker Face," it could affect how it tastes.

"Instead of saying 'Oh My God' about my food, I say 'Oh My Gaga,' said owner Clare Shimasaki, during an especially busy lunch service Thursday at downtown's Grand Park.

In addition to the sweet melts, Oh My Gaga serves grilled cheese in all varieties. The truck's namesake sandwich, the Oh My Gaga Melt, comes with braised beef, blue cheese slaw and aged cheddar. The Loaded Potato Melt is a mix of tater tots, crumbled bacon, scallions, mozzarella, sharp cheddar cheese and sour cream.

If you want mac and cheese with jalapenos in a grilled cheese sandwich, or a grilled cheese version of spinach and artichoke dip, the truck is serving those too.

And of course there are tots, served plain, tossed in Parmesan cheese or smothered in shredded chicken coated in Buffalo sauce and topped with melted blue cheese. They also have garlic and Parmesan fries, if you're into that.

To find out where the truck will be next, check out Oh My Gaga's twitter feed.

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