Oreo iced coffee: Watch for six seconds, snack for a lifetime

Oreos + coffee = magic

Oreo snack hacks are a foodie's best friend. Using a French press to dunk an entire bag of mini Oreos in milk at once? That's a priceless tip. But when you mix Oreos and iced coffee, magic happens. 

A six-second Oreo snack hack video (seen above) shows viewers how to make an Oreo iced coffee. 

First, you crush up some Oreo cookies. Then place those cookies in the slots of an ice tray. Fill the slots with milk, then freeze. 

The next time you want an iced coffee, use the Oreo milk cubes. We know, mind blown. 

Oreo posts plenty of snack hacks on YouTube, including a way to make Oreo fried chicken from Los Angeles chef Roy Choi. The Kogi truck, Chego, POT and A-Frame chef uses Golden Oreos to make some late-night chicken tenders on one of his trucks. 

Nguyen Tran of L.A.'s Starry Kitchen used Oreos to make a last-minute dessert for friends with cherry soda, pound cake and some peanuts. He soaked the cookies in the soda to make a cherry-laced Oreo cookie mash, then mixed it with the pound cake and crushed peanuts for some crunch.

And if you're looking to get fancy with your Oreo hack, Michael Voltaggio, chef at ink. and ink.sack, created a way to make Oreo chips and a lemon Oreo shandy.

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