Sleep in your very own pepperoni pizza bed -- and yes, it's delivered in pizza box

Wish you could sleep in a giant slice of pizza? Well, you soon could. Introducing the pizza bed

Love pizza so much you wish you could just crawl up into a big warm slice and nestle in a sea of pepperoni and cheese? Your pizza dreams may come true -- and sooner than you think. 

Brooklyn, N.Y.-based art director Claire Manganiello is hoping to create a pizza bed, and has started a Kickstarter campaign to make bedding that looks like a giant slice of pepperoni pizza. 

"I'm shivering on a Brooklyn street corner in the dead of winter, clutching a slice of pizza and wishing aloud that I could actually crawl inside of it where it's safe and warm," Manganiello wrote on Kickstarter. "Suddenly, somewhere deep inside my frozen and beer-fueled brain, Pizza Bed was born." 

Manganiello created the design for the bed using Photoshop, then posted it on her online portfolio, and waited. 

"Okay, so my favorite pizza is actually just cheese — got to love a classic," Manganiello told the Los Angeles Times in an email. "Pepperoni pizza is the most iconic, however, so I used that for the bed."

Buzzfeed, Mashable, Diplo and more shared Manganiello's photo, prompting her to embark on the journey of creating an actual pizza bed for the masses. 

Manganiello is looking to raise $125,848 to manufacture standard pillow cases that look like pizza crust, red tomato sauce flat sheets, and duvet covers covered in a pepperoni pizza design. At the time of publication, she had raised a little over $16,000 with 24 days to go. 

Depending on how much you contribute to the campaign, Manganiello will send you good pizza vibes, temporary pizza tattoos, one of her pizza print original designs, or an actual pizza bed. The beds come in twin ($150, or $100 for early backers), full/queen ($175, or $125 for early backers) and king ($200, or $150 for early backers). And of course the pizza bed comes in a pizza box. 

Manganiello said she's already in contact with a supplier, has seen fabric samples and just needs funding from the campaign to get production going. She plans on making more pizza-themed accessories as well as various toppings as throw pillows for the bed. She's also designing prototypes for pizza rugs, pizza towels, pizza shower curtains and pizza wallpaper. 

"Pizza should go on everything -- and I would want to be the one to put it there," Manganiello said. 

We totally feel you. 

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