The world's first interactive wine label? It's coming.

Each bottle of Scratchpad wine comes with a blank label, the better to scribble or doodle on

Here’s a new idea. Terravant Wine Company in Buellton on the Central Coast has just introduced a new label called "Scratchpad." Each bottle of Scratchpad wine — 2011 Central Coast Chardonnay ($13), 2012 Central Coast Sauvignon Blanc ($11) and 2011 Central Coast Pinot Noir ($15) — comes with a perfectly blank label, the better to scribble on with the pencil draped around its neck.

Go ahead, get crazy. Scribble, doodle all over the cream-colored label. Fingerpaint it, dye it, incise it, ruin it, gild it — and then snap a photo and then share it via social media or the Scratchpad Facebook page for the whole wine world to admire. You can also personalize a gift of the bottle of wine with your own message.

Technically, since it comes with a charcoal pencil, I guess they expect you to draw or write on it. But hey, it’s a free creative world.

The idea for Scratchpad came from Terravant’s creative group Switchcraft and is, according to the winery, the wine industry’s first interactive label.

Watch for Scratchpad to hit the shelves of your local wine shop sometime in July.

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