Turkey fryer fire? 'Duck Dynasty' to the rescue this Thanksgiving

Turkey fryers are dangerous business. Just ask the "Duck Dynasty" dudes.

"Deep-frying a turkey is about to get hairy," promises a teaser for a video due out Tuesday from State Farm about the dangers of deep-frying turkeys during the holiday season. The pending video features Si and Jase Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" mega-fame, according to the teaser.

Now, there's no denying the deliciousness of deep-fried turkey.

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There's also no denying the danger in plunking a big honking turkey into a vat of boiling-hot oil.

Each year, people suffer burns on their hands and feet, and personal property goes up in flames when deep-fried-turkey plans go awry. Often, alcohol is involved. (As in the chef is guilty of drinking while deep-frying. Never a good combination.)

While the L.A. Times Food section is all about D.I.Y. in the kitchen -- check out our new online collection of holiday recipes -- we think that deep-fried turkey is probably best left to the professionals.

If you insist, however, State Farm offers up safety tips.

The State Farm frying-turkey videos are becoming something of a holiday tradition. William Shatner starred in a 2011 video that dramatized the dangers. It was auto-tuned in 2012 in a version called "Eat, Fry, Love: A Cautionary Remix."


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