Where to find quince

Where to find quince Here are some places to buy quince fruit, trees and products. Gonzaga Farm (Ronnie and Tess Gonzaga). Pineapple quince grown in Lindsay, Calif., at the Alhambra, Cerritos, Buena Park, Long Beach Southeast, Long Beach Uptown and Long Beach Downtown farmers markets. June Taylor Co. (June Taylor). Artisanal organic preserves, available by mail order: quince butter, quince paste, quince cheese. 2207 4th St., Berkeley; (510) 548-2236; www.junetaylorjams.com. Mud Creek Ranch (Steve and Robin Smith). Organic Pineapple and Golden quince grown in Santa Paula, at the Hollywood and Santa Monica Wednesday farmers markets. One Green World (Jim Gilbert). Aromatnaya, Crimea, Kaunching, Kuganskaya, Mellow, Orange, Smyrna and Van Deman quince trees. 28696 S. Cramer Road, Molalla, Ore.; (503) 651-3005; www.onegreenworld.com. Oregon Quinces (Tremaine and Gail Arkley). Fresh Pineapple and Russian varieties of quince. 9775 Hultman Road, Independence, Ore.; (503) 838-4886. Raintree Nursery (Sam Benowitz). Aromatnaya, Ekmek, Karp's Sweet, Orange, Pineapple, Portugal, Smyrna and Van Deman quince trees. 391 Butts Road, Morton, Wash.; (360) 496-6400; www.raintreenursery.com. Trees of Antiquity (Neil Collins). Aromatnaya, Pineapple and Smyrna quince trees. 20 Wellsona Road, Paso Robles, Calif.; (805) 467-9909; www.treesofantiquity.com. Terry Ranch (Rebecca and Mark Terry). Pineapple quince grown in Dinuba, Calif., at the Santa Monica Saturday (Organic) farmers market. Willowrose Bay (Edith Walden). Mediterranean quince marmalade (like membrillo); regular quince marmalade; Ambrosia (quince and applesauce); quince butter; quince syrup; and fresh quince: Aromatnaya, Cooke's Jumbo, Havran, Karp's Sweet, Kaunching, Kuganskaya, Meech's Prolific, Lisle, Smyrna, Tashkent, Van Deman. P.O. Box 1652, Anacordes, Wash.; (360) 299-9999. -- David Karp

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