House Cafe details: Address, hours and more

House Cafe

Rating: two stars

Location: 8114 Beverly Blvd. (at Crescent Heights), Los Angeles; (323) 655-5553;

Price: Breakfast items, $4 to $16.50; salads, $9.50 to $14; sandwiches, $9.50 to $15.75; appetizers, $6 to $14.50; pasta, $12 to $16.75; main courses, $14 to $26; desserts, $7 to $9. Corkage, $15.

Details: Open 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. Beer and wine. Valet parking, $4.50.

Rating is based on food, service and ambience, with price taken into account in relation to quality. Four stars: Outstanding on every level. Three stars: Excellent. Two stars: Very good. One star: Good. No star: Poor to satisfactory.