Wine of the Week: 2007 Quinta do Vallado Douro Vinho Tino

2007 Quinta do Vallado Douro Vinho Tinto

Dry red wines from the Douro Valley in


, the traditional source for Port grapes, are the new story in this gorgeous wine region to the north of Lisbon. Top Douro wines command high prices, but here's a beauty that's priced for the everyday table. The 2007 Vallado Douro is easy-drinking and delicious. Bursting with fruit, bright with the tastes of blueberry, cherries and plums, it is smooth going, as versatile a wine as a cru Beaujolais or a top-notch Chianti, say.

It's perfect with pizza, a simple roast chicken or a grilled skirt steak. It's a bottle to keep on hand for any occasion.


Douro, Portugal


About $20


Elegant and smooth

What it goes with:

pizza, roast chicken, grilled skirt steak

Where to find it:

K&L Wine Merchants in


, (323) 464-9463,


Los Angeles

Wine Co. in Los Angeles, (800) 854-8466, and

Palm Desert

, (760) 346-1763,

; Twenty Twenty Wine Merchants in

West Los Angeles

, (310) 447-2020,

; Wine Exchange in Orange, (714) 974-1454,

; and

Woodland Hills

Wine Co. in Woodland Hills, (818) 222-1111,