Todd Martens

Todd Martens joined the Los Angeles Times in 2007 and covers a mix of interactive entertainment (video games) and pop music. Previously, Martens reported on the music business for Billboard Magazine. He has contributed to numerous books, including "The Big Lebowski: An Illustrated, Annotated History of the Greatest Cult Film of All Time." He continues to torture himself by rooting for the Chicago Cubs and, while he likes dogs, he is more of a cat person.
He said, she squirmed: The pickup artist game that is the talk of IndieCade and may help us communicate better

Among the games to be shown at IndieCade, the year's most experimental game festival, which returns this year to Santa Monica, is "The Game: The Game." It puts players in the perspective of a woman who simply wants to get a drink at a bar. It's survival horror.

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Video game 'Donut County' asks big questions about gentrification in Los Angeles

Local game developer Ben Esposito at first wanted to create a game for kids. So he drew some doughnuts and some raccoons, but over the past eight years the game started to transform. The result, 'Donut County,' available for consoles and mobile devices, is a metaphor for a gentrifying Los Angeles.