Remembering Ruben Salazar

Ruben Salazar, a former Times staff writer and columnist, died covering the 1970 East L.A. riots. His friend and fellow writer Enrique Hank Lopez remembered what Salazar said only weeks before his death: "In all candor, gentlemen, I can't say I'm entirely hopeful. It may be too late to forestall the violence of long-festering frustration. But I think we should try." But the violence wasn't stopped. Two days after his death, The Times remembered him in an editorial:

Lopez, quoted above, wrote on Sep. 6, 1970 of Salazar's optimism and importance to the Chicano community:

The final editorial mentions The Times made of Salazar at that sad time involve the investigation into his death. In both pieces The Times advocates that law enforcement officials disclose the facts of Salazar's death and take full responsibility for prematurely ending the life of a promising man.