Melida Guevara and Josh Nunez

Melida Guevara and Josh Nunez
Melida Guevara and Josh Nunez (

Josh Nunez met Melida Guevara in 2002 at Long Beach City College where their romance was built on a foundation of friendship. Six years later, when Nunez proposed, he went all out to ensure a moment that Guevara would always remember — and she will, but not exactly the way he'd hoped.

He surprised her with a weekend at Big Bear and took her snowboarding. As they rode the lift up the mountain, he asked her to marry him, then reached inside his jacket for the ring.
“Oh my God, don’t take it out,” she cried, afraid it would fall into the snow-covered mountainside. He thought she was turning him down, but when they reached the top, she was so ecstatic, she took off down the hill. 
When the couple — and the ring — safely reached the bottom, she let him slip it on her finger.
Guevara, 27, is now a student at Cal State L.A. and a volunteer mediator for the L.A. City Attorney’s Dispute Resolution Program. Nunez, 27, is president of Stonecasters Inc. in South Gate, manufacturers of architectural precasts.

They were married August 7 at the Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa in Lake Arrowhead, beneath a flowered arbor overlooking the lake.

Maxine Nunez, Custom Publishing Writer