For the record

Steve Martin tribute: In the June 3 Calendar section, an article about Steve Martin's winning the American Film Institute Life Achievement Award listed the wrong network for the tribute's June 13 airing. It will be on TBS, not TNT.

DC Comics move: In the June 4 Calendar section, an article about DC Comics' changing office locations from Manhattan to Burbank said that Jim Lee and Dan DiDio were co-publishers of DC Comics. They are co-publishers of DC Entertainment, of which DC Comics is the publishing arm.

Rick Perry: In the June 4 Section A, an article about former Texas Gov. Rick Perry's plans to enter the GOP presidential race misidentified state District Judge Bert Richardson, who is hearing a case involving Perry, as U.S. District Judge Bert Robinson.

Taiwan trade: In the June 5 Business section, an article about U.S. trade with Taiwan said that the proposed 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement includes South Korea. It does not.

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