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  • Ferrari Shattered
    Ferrari Shattered
  • Eriksson's Attorney Lashes Out
    Eriksson's Attorney Lashes Out

    Video Eriksson's Attorney Lashes Out (AP) April 17, 2006

  • Video

    VIDEO Exec Arrested in Ferrari Crash Apr. 10, 2006 (AP)


    VIDEO: More Bizarre Leads in Ferrari Case Mar. 2, 2006 (KTLA)

  • Life in Fast Lane Long Before Ferrari Crash
    Life in Fast Lane Long Before Ferrari Crash

    Before he shattered a red Ferrari in Malibu and became grist for Internet legend, Bo Stefan Eriksson ran a criminal gang in Sweden, raced cars in Europe, skippered a yacht called Snow White and helped run a video game company with dreams of taking on Sony and Nintendo, according to authorities.

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