Captured jail escapee get 8 extra months in prison for breakout

A convicted burglar who walked out of L.A. County jail gets eight more months in prison

A convicted burglar who escaped from the L.A. County jail by simply walking out was sentenced Wednesday to eight additional months in prison for his new offense

Christopher Lee Brown, 37, of Alhambra slipped out of the downtown Los Angeles jail facility March 12 just hours after being sentenced to nearly five years in custody. He posed as another inmate and was allowed to walk out of the inmate release area.

A week before, Brown had been convicted of two counts of second-degree commercial burglary and one count of receiving stolen property.

He was convicted of breaking into the AHMC Healthcare facility in Alhambra last year and stealing two computers and three flash drives. Those systems contained information for more than 729,000 patients -- one of the largest breaches of patient records in the state.

Brown was captured April 2 in Santa Monica after a $20,000 reward resulted in a tip that he was hanging around near a local youth center.

As a result of the escape, Brown will now serve his remaining sentence in prison.

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