Cal State Northridge police search for peeping Toms after students targeted

In two separate incidents, a peeping Tom at Cal State Northridge has targeted female students, lurking under a desk and on benches, aiming a camera phone at unsuspecting women, authorities said Monday.

About lunchtime on Thursday, two female students were sitting at a table near a restaurant on campus when they spotted a man lying on a bench and pointing a cellphone at them, according to the university's Department of Police Services.

The students repositioned themselves, and the man adjusted his location so he could continue to point his phone at them, police said.

The man was described as 5 feet 7, black and in his 30s. Police said he had a scar down the right side of his face.

The incident came days after a woman reported that she felt a tug on her leg while studying in the library, police said. She looked under the table and found a man squatting with his cellphone aimed toward her, police said.

That suspect was described as a black man in his early 20s and between 5 feet 7 and 6 feet.

Anyone with information about either incident is asked to contact campus police at (818) 677-3826.

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