Mystery benefactor @HiddenCash strikes near the Hollywood sign

Mystery donor, @HiddenCash, strikes near the Hollywood sign

The mystery benefactor who has been hiding cash and tweeting hints -- sparking frantic treasure hunts across Southern California this weekend -- has struck again.

At 10:20 a.m. Sunday he sent an email to The Times that read: "Lake Hollywood Park by Hollywood sign. Go there now. Tweeting in half hour."

The stashes -- typically a few hundred dollars -- first appeared in San Francisco last week, before moving to Los Angeles a few days ago. The benefactor has revealed few details about his identity, except that he is a wealthy real estate investor and that the idea for HiddenCash was sparked over dinner with a friend.

As of Sunday morning, his Twitter account had 412,000 followers.

The HiddenCash phenomenon began in the Bay Area and moved to the L.A. region on Thursday. Over the last three days, the mystery benefactor has left envelopes and Angry Bird figurines stuffed with greenbacks in Griffith Park, Burbank, the Huntington Library parking lot in San Marino and the Hermosa Beach pier.

A tweet on his account says he'll be leaving Los Angeles, so Sunday's stashes, which he says may contain $80 or $100, may be the last here for a while. The first clue is a picture of a bottle containing the liquid used to blow bubbles. The second is a photo of a bear statue.

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