Protesters march in Hollywood as part of Million Mask March

Protesters with Occupy Los Angeles gathered in Hollywood on Wednesday as part of a global Million Mask March

Dozens of protestors with the group Occupy Los Angeles gathered Wednesday in Hollywood as part of a global Million Mask March.

Across the nation, demonstrators donning Guy Fawkes masks took to the street in an mass effort to "shed light on corrupt government," according to the movement's website.  The event was organized by the "hackivist" group Anonymous. 

A group of masked protesters were first spotted in downtown Los Angeles at Pershing Square and City Hall earlier in the morning.  Video shows protesters marching down Broadway waving signs and cheering as passing cars honked.

At about 1 p.m., the group of about 75 people descended on Highland Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard to protest police brutality.  No arrests have been made, said LAPD Officer Jack Richter.  However, police were present to keep the peace and to keep the crowd from spilling over into the street, he said.  There were no road closures.

The Million Mask March commemorates Guy Fawkes Day, which is observed Nov. 5 in England. The group said on its website that this is the second year of "the largest world protest."

Protests have sprung up in Dallas, Washington, Kansas and abroad.  In London, riot police were on standby, according to the London Evening Standard.

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