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Living along the Hollywood quake fault zone: How close are you?

Hollywood fault runs under hundreds of buildings, quake map estimates

The Times on Tuesday published an interactive video and map showing the California Geological Survey's preliminary map of the Hollywood fault zone, which runs along the Sunset Strip, into central Hollywood and then through Los Feliz.

The map allows readers to fly over the proposed zone as it runs across heavily populated parts of L.A.

INTERACTIVE VIDEO: Flying over the state's Hollywood fault zone

In January, the California Geological Survey issued preliminary fault maps for Los Angeles County for the first time in nearly two decades.

The mapped fault lines cut through more than 1,500 developed properties, according to a Times analysis of maps of the Hollywood fault and the Sierra Madre and Duarte faults in the northern San Gabriel Valley.

Preschools, senior housing, luxury hotels on the Sunset Strip, one of San Gabriel Valley's largest housing developments and Bradbury's City Hall were built along hillsides that geologists say were formed by earthquakes.

The buildings include landmarks such as the Capitol Records tower in Hollywood, the Mondrian and Standard hotels in West Hollywood, three elementary schools, a performing arts college and Immaculate Heart High School and Middle School.

A total of about 12,000 properties lie in the newly drawn fault zones, roughly 500 feet on each side of estimated fault lines.

The map is still under review, and the state could make changes.

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