LAPD investigating officer videotaped punching, kicking female in jail

Los Angeles police officials are investigating a male officer videotaped  punching and kicking a female suspect in a jail holding cell, according to two LAPD officials with knowledge of the incident.

The altercation occurred in the jail at the LAPD's Van Nuys station in either February or March, according to one of the officials, who requested anonymity because of the ongoing investigation.


The incident was reported promptly to station supervisors, who launched an investigation that is done whenever an officer uses force on a suspect, the official said.

In the course of that inquiry, an investigator reviewed a video of the beating from a security camera that seemed to contradict the officer's account of why he needed to use force on the suspect, the source said.

Citing the ongoing investigation, the official declined to detail what the video showed or what the officer claims occurred.

The officer delivered multiple kicks and punches until other officers entered the holding cell, according to the official. It was not immediately known whether the woman required medical attention afterward.

The official did not know why the woman was in police custody.

Word of the investigation comes on the same day that prosecutors announced assault charges against another LAPD officer, who is accused of striking a man repeatedly in the legs with a baton as he was on his knees trying to surrender.

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