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Artist offers up another statue as reward for stolen pink bulldog

The creator of a 200-pound pink bulldog statue that was stolen in West Hollywood is willing to give another of his sculptures in exchange for it, authorities said Wednesday.

The pink bulldog was part of an installation of six sculptures placed in a West Hollywood median of Santa Monica Boulevard on Sunday, ahead of the city's annual Gay Pride parade.

Someone made off with the 200-pound artwork early Monday, city officials said.

"They're so fun that people might not take them seriously," said Andrew Campbell of the West Hollywood Economic Development Division. "Maybe somebody didn't realize they were stealing artwork."

A representative of the installation's creator, William Sweetlove, said the artist is willing to give a frog statue worth $1,600 as a reward for the person who finds the bulldog.

"The theft might have been a joke, but it would be nice to have it back,"  said Kris Ghesquiere, the representative.

"We and the city of West Hollywood did this for the people. Everybody does stupid things sometimes. We want to give people a chance to give it back with no consequences," Ghesquiere said.


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