Temple City fires city manager month after giving him $10,300 bonus

The Temple City Council voted unanimously Monday night in closed session to terminate City Manager Jose Pulido.

The move comes just a month after the council approved a $10,346 bonus for the city manager, and in a separate action, modified Pulido's contract to assign him a city-owned hybrid vehicle for his exclusive use, according to city records.


"The Council and Mr. Pulido enjoyed a productive working relationship and moved the City forward in a positive fashion. However, the Council's evaluation was that they needed stronger leadership to lead Temple City into the future," Mayor Cynthia Sternquist said Tuesday in a news release.

"We are saddened to take this action, but believe a separation is in the best interest of the City," she continued.

Members of the City Council could not be reached Tuesday for comment.

Administrative services director Tracey Hause was named interim city manager. Hause said she has not communicated with members of the City Council since the decision and is not aware of any other reason for Pulido's termination.

Pulido was formerly the city manager for the city of San Fernando and the economic and community development manager for the city of Montebello.

He became Temple City's city manager in 2009. Pulido has recieved at least $50,000 in bonuses awarded to recognize positive annual performance evaluations over the last three years, according to city records.

Pulido will receive six months of salary as severance pay, or about $103,000.