Angelenos weigh in: L.A. traffic is literally the worst

Angelenos weigh in: L.A. traffic is literally the worst
LOS ANGELES, CA MARCH 27, 2015 - Sunrise for drivers as morning traffic begins to swell on the East and West bound 101 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley near White Oak on the second day of a heat wave brought on by a high pressure system over the area on March 27, 2015. (Al Seib / Los Angeles Times) (Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

You win again, Los Angeles! The infamous City of Angels has again nabbed the top spot when it comes to worst traffic in the nation

Exhibit A: 

My commute is 3.2 miles from west L.A. to Santa Monica but it still makes for a 30-40 min commute.

Phil Rivera on Facebook

Sound familiar?

But seasoned Angelenos say an hour or less each way isn't really too terrible. And it can even be a good thing.

Think of all the audio books & podcasts we get to listen to!

Gabrielle Birkman on Twitter

The worst of it goes to the commuters who have to sit in traffic for longer than two hours every day. Our hats are off to you brave people. 

Pro-tip: The Eastbound 101 on Wednesdays at 8 a.m. is the most congested freeway in all of Los Angeles. Avoid it at all costs.

Then there are the environmentally conscious drivers who sit in traffic contemplating the effect all these running cars have on the Earth.  

The pollution we are causing by merely trying to get to work is disgusting.

Porsha Marie on Facebook

And the occasional traffic-lover:

I personally enjoy a pretty long commute. It wakes me up! I love drinking my coffee and listening to music in my car. I don't like having a very short commute and going in at work right away. I feel sleepy that way.

Jose Demoder Cervantes on Facebook

Sure, there are ways to get around the horrendous traffic. Some Angelenos simply opt for motorcycles. Or if they have access to good public transit, they can even ditch their cars – like this guy, who says his commute is pretty easy:

For $100/month, a Metro Tap card takes me most anywhere I need to go. If, on occasion I need a car, I'll rent one.

Michael Stekoll

Or by living close to work:

8 minutes. From Westwood to Century City. I love it.

Henry Castellanos on Facebook

Stop rubbing it in, Henry.

How does your commute look? Tell us on Facebook. 


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