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Reader photo: Marathon volunteers

The L.A. Marathon was a few weeks ago, but this photo is a beautiful reminder of the teams of volunteers that help make the marathon happen -- and provide much-needed refreshments to the runners along the route.

Claudia Eastman regularly cheers on those who are running and brought along her camera to shoot some photos. She caught this photo of a volunteer handing out water, also catching some of the action as the runners frame both sides of the photo.

"Each year I walk the block and a half and watch the first hour and a half of the race," wrote Eastman, in an email. "Cheer on the wheelchair racers, watch the elite packs, male and female and then enjoy the other participants. This year, I was also waiting for my neighbor Steve to run by. Got a thumbs up from him."

Eastman took this photo with her Canon EOS 7D and 18-135mm lens.

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