May 2015: Best of Southern California Moments

The month of May was abnormally cool this year in Southern California, but that didn't stop our readers from enjoying the outdoors and documenting their every adventure.

This month's set begins in Yosemite, where reader Carlos Luna hiked up to Glacier Point to make a bold image of his friend standing at the edge of a rock.


In Death Valley, Hadley Johnson captured an image of the desert during "blue hour," the time of day when the low sunlight casts a deep blue hue over the landscape. The scene was dotted with an image of Venus shining above the moon.

Eduardo Pantoja and friends braved harsh weather at Mt. Baldy to hike the Devil's Backbone Trail, a 6.6-mile journey. At the beginning of the trail, Pantoja captured an image of hikers enveloped in fog.

On a camping trip in Joshua Tree, Melissa Turner was drawn by the gradient colors of the mountain range at sunset. She captured her image with a long lens to compress the look of the mountains.

Our set wraps up in downtown Los Angeles, where reader Michael Escobedo engaged in what he and his friends call rooftopping. Escobedo set his camera on a self-timer as he sat himself at the edge of a roof, creating a stunning self-portrait among the skyscrapers of downtown L.A.

Think there's a photo we left out, or one that doesn't belong in the set? Let us know in the comments. And, as always, thanks for sharing.

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