March 2015: Best of Southern California Moments

Spring has sprung.

And for us in Southern California, this season brings change of the wild variety. We go from clear skies and moderate temperatures to clear skies and slightly warmer temperatures.

OK, so the change in season may not affect us Angelenos but we here at SoCal Moments were itching to switch things up.

For the first time, we're experimenting with a potluck-style featuring system in which the five current contributors will each publish on our designated day of the week rather than each of us editing our favorite photos once every month or so.

This gives our readers an opportunity to see a wide range of visual tastes on a weekly basis. March was a good example of that, including Greg Vorobiov's intimate capture of a father and son "connecting through their mutual love for automobiles" in Toluca Lake and Eric Demarcq's snapshot of his panoramic view of downtown Los Angeles.

This month's "Best Of" photos are my favorite pick made by each of our five editors, plus a few we couldn't bear to leave out.

Thoughts on the roundup? This one was tough. Let us know in the comments. And as always, thanks for sharing.

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