Reading is fundamental

Los Angeles is known for its television shows and movies, but it's also a literary town. Bookworms can be found everywhere, in all corners of bookstores, cafes and ... bars. Just as commonly seen around town are photographers, and when great lighting is thrown into the mix, a beautiful photo can appear.

Photographer Joséphine Runneboom and a friend were downtown taking photos of Handsome Coffee Roasters when the two took a detour to Tony's Saloon afterward.

"My friend and I ended up roaming around the area a bit afterwards, as we are wont to do, and stopped for a drink at Tony's Saloon, one of the greatest bars in the Arts District," Runneboom wrote in an email. "It was still somewhat early and I really liked the way the light was hitting this young man reading a book at the end of the bar, so I had to snap a quick photo."

Runneboom took this photo with a Canon 7D.

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